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from the Mind of a Fisherman

Bass Fishing is growing in popularity faster then any other type of fishing. Fishing in general should be very simple, which it can be, but with all the new and amazing info out there it can become a bit confusing. is here to help all anglers from the greenest of beginners to the best of the pros learn and grow as the more and more great info becomes available.

From Tips and Techniques to the latest and greatest Fish Finders, Poles and Reels, Lures and Tackle and much more, I will help you understand and discover what works the best for YOU!

I have been fishing for as long as I can remember, but roughly 20 years ago I found my true passion. BASS FISHING!!! From the first time I stood in line with a huge bag of fish to be weighed in at a local tournament, I was hooked!

After too many days to be counted spent on the water and in the boat I have discovered many different techniques that have helped me become a better Bass Fisherman and now I want to share all of that knowledge with you. The info that is available today is amazing and maybe a bit overwhelming, but with a simple approach you too can master this great sport and have the same love and passion that I have for it.

Look to me as your personal cyber fishing guide and I WILL help you catch more and bigger bass!

Let me share with you this short story that I have had posted on my fridge for some 12 years now. I think this sums up my idea of being fisherman.

I am a fisherman, for life.

I will always be a fisherman. It's not something I do. It is who I am. Fishing is not an escape. It is where I belong. Where I am suppose to be. It is not a place, but a lifelong journey. It is a passage my grandfather showed me, and that I will show others.

When you understand all of this, you will know me, and we will fish together!

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