How to make the right decision for your Bass Fishing Reels....

Bass Fishing Reels have become as complex and varied as the rest of equipment used in this great sport. There are spinning reels, spincast reels and baitcasting reels. Which reel you decide to use may very well be the most important decision you make.

Your first step in picking a bass fishing reel is to decide what your application is going to be. Smaller baits require smaller reels and lighter line to be used effectively. It is really hard to fish a small jig on a baitcasting reel spooled up with heavy line. But, if you are going into heavy cover with a 1oz jig, that baitcaster with the heavy line is your best option.

It is important to keep in mind what your experience level is as well. Learning to use a baitcaster can be frustrating but with practice it will be well worth the effort.

Spincasting Reels

I started like most fishermen, with a spincast reel. Some of the best are made by Daiwa Reels , they are time tested are very user friendly. I also like one particular Abu Garcia Reel . The Abumatic reels are affordable and tough. These are easy to operate and strong enough to handle a big bass. They are the all around right choice for kids, wives or anyone just starting out. Just make sure that you pick a reel that fits the hand that will be holding it. If a reel is too big or too heavy it will be a pain to use and take away from the experience. I started both my son and my wife out with the spincast reels and they have now mastered them and moved onto spinning reels.

Spinning Reels

The next step after the spincasting reel is the spinning reel or open face reel as many know it. When it comes to spinning reels I like the Shimano reels, Pflueger reels and Okuma reels. There are many to pick from and these three companies cover all the bases. They have affordable bass fishing reels all the way up to the top of the line bass fishing reels and they are available in any size to match the user. The Browning reel company also offers some great choices for an affordable but tough reel. Once again, it is important to pick a reel that matches the user. If it doesn't feel right, find one that does!

Some of things that I look for when picking a spinning reel are the feel, the gear ratio (which I will explain below) and how many bearings are built into the reel. The more bearings in a reel, the smoother and stronger it will be.

The first thing that I do is take the reel I am looking at to buy and spin it with the handle. I just give it a couple spins and let it go around. Does the reel spin freely? Does the reel seem to make weird noises? Make sure you have the reel you are going to buy and not the display model, the displays are well used and normally not a good representation of a new one fresh from the box.

After a reel passes the first test I hold it to see how the weight and balance feels in my hand. Is it too heavy? Is it too big?

Once a reel passes these tests, it is time to take a look at the line size and capacity. Always make sure that the reel is the right size for the line you intend to use. If you spool too heavy of line on a reel it will not hold enough and it will become hard to use. It is amazing how much better a reel with the correct line spooled on it will cast. Not only will it cast further but it will also be more accurate.

Baitcasting Reels

While the spincast and spinning reels have their place in every arsenal, it is the baitcaster that leads the pack in Bass Fishing Reels. Have you ever noticed the pros on your favorite fishing show? Sure, they may use a spinning reel every now and again but 9 times out of 10 they are using a baitcasting outfit. And for good reason!

Once you learn to use a baitcaster you are opening the door to the many different techniques that are used in targeting the big ones. Flipping and pitching can be done using spinning equipment but it is far more accurate with a baitcaster.

I use the same criteria when picking a baitcaster as I do with any other bass fishing reel. Look, feel and capacity are all major factors. I am a big fan of the Quantum Reels. They offer a huge variety with many different gear ratios.

The gear ratio plays a big part in the effectiveness of a baitcaster. If it takes a large amount of work to throw your favorite crankbait all day or if your jig swims way too quickly and zips right by that trophy, you need to adjust your gear ratio.

Gear Ratios

I have mentioned "Gear Ratio" several times. The reason is that it makes a big difference in your bass fishing reels. You need to match your ratio with your application.

The gear ratio is simply the measure of a reels retrieval speed or the number of times the spool spins for one complete turn of the handle.

So if the ratio of your favorite spinning reel is 5.2:1, that means that the spool spins 5.2 times for each complete turn of the handle. The higher the ratio, the more line that is picked up with each crank of the handle.

Don't be afraid to shop around. Play with as many bass fishing reels as you need to and make sure you find the right reel for you. Do not let any sales person talk you into something that won't work for you.

It may seem great to have the newest and most expensive reel so you can brag about it to your fishing buddies. Just remember, a reel should fit you and your application. A good fit is a good tool!

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