The Most Important Bass Fishing Techniques you will ever learn!

Bass Fishing Techniques…….what are they you may ask? There are many different techniques in the vast and wide world of Bass Fishing. Each has its place and each can be deadly in catching Bass.

Some of the Best Techniques I will show to you are:

1. Flipping
2. Pitching
3. Skipping
4. The Drop Shot
5. The Carolina Rig
6. The Texas Rig
7. The Weightless Rig
8. The Split Shot Rig
9. Sight Fishing

Although it can take many hours of practice to completely master each of these techniques it is worth your time. One of the very best ways to catch more fish is to practice more. By practice I mean time with a rod and reel in your hand. You do not have to be on the water, I have spent many, many hours standing in my yard with the neighbors giving me a look like I was nuts but over time it paid off.

If you are fortunate enough to be able to spend these hours on the water you are a very lucky person. You WILL catch more fish with more practice.

In the early days of the B.A.S.S. pro tournaments, many of the anglers were very good at only one or two techniques. If you watch these tournaments on TV today, the current guys have mastered many different techniques. The “old school” guys could never compete with the anglers of today.

To be successful, even if you are just fishing for fun and recreation you need to be able to adapt to the conditions and change it up to match those conditions. If you are fishing tournaments, this becomes even more important. If you are one dimensional you may be able to finish high every now and again but you will never be consistent enough to compete at the highest level.

Now, I am not saying that is the goal of every Bass Fisherman but, it very well may be the DREAM of every Bass Fisherman!

Take some time and learn the basics of each these Bass Fishing Techniques and then practice until you master them. Do not get discouraged, keep trying! The old saying holds true, practice makes perfect!

Flipping can be a deadly accurate presentation for targeting bass. This bass fishing technique is mainly used in water that...

Pitching Pitching is the same as flipping in that you can present your lure into tight spots with very good accuracy. You can also...

Skipping Skipping soft plastics has got to be my favorite bass fishing technique. When I see a stretch of docks or low hanging trees my palms get sweaty. I know that the fish will...

The Drop Shot I first learned about the Drop Shot rigged with plastic worms while watching one of my favorite Saturday morning bass fishing shows...

The Carolina Rig The Carolina rig is simple yet very deadly in catching bass. This technique is not very complicated to use. However, it seems as though...

The Texas Rig The Texas Rig with a juicy plastic worm or your favorite creature bait may be the most versatile method in your arsenal....

The Weightless Rig The weightless rig for bass fishing can prove to be worth it weightlessness in gold. (Sorry for the pun) This bass fishing technique is one of the...

The Split Shot Rig The Split Shot rig is one of the best finesse fishing techniques that you can use in pursuit of the black bass. The bass is a bit more...

Sight Fishing Sight Fishing for bass is normally associated with bedding fish during the spawning period. This can be a very productive method during this time period but...

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