Abu Garcia Reel

Thee Abu Garcia reel offers one of the best and most complete lines of fishing reels on the market today. They have the spin cast, spinning and bait casting models down to a science. I have always been impressed with this company and their commitment to quality while still offering an affordable product.

Spin Cast Reels

The Abu Garcia reel line offers 6 different models of spin casting reels to cover almost any fishing situation that you could imagine. These reels are tough and affordable! Growing up this was the only reel that my grandfather ever put in my hand. There are certainly others on the market but I like this one a lot.

The new legendary ABUMATIC™ Classic 170i Abu Garcia reel has been redone for this season. It still features many of the features that I grew up with coupled with the latest and greatest technology offered in fishing reels today. The Classic 170i has an aluminum body and front cone, with the world famous ultra-smooth Carbon Matrix™ Drag System, Four Bearing Duragear™ Drive with instant anti-reverse, oscillating far casting spool with no-twist line system, dual rotating swing-arm pickup pins, ALL SALTWATER PROTECTED, and now comes pre-spooled with 12 lb. Berkley® Trilene® XL line. One thing to note is that this reel is only available in a right handed model.

Also new this year is the legendary ABUMATIC™ Abu Garcia reel that is engineered specifically for SuperLines, and housed in an all water protected package. Titanium nitride front cone, rotor, and line guide. Ultra-smooth spool drag system. Five bearing Duragear™ Drive with instant anti-reverse. Dual rotating swing-arm titanium nitride pickup pin. This reel is available in both Fresh and saltwater set ups and comes pre-spooled with 14 lb. Berkley® Fireline®. This reel is available for both right and left handed applications.

The old standby ABUMATIC™ Abu Garcia reels have now been upgraded to include; Titanium nitride line guide, ultra-smooth spool drag system, Duragear™ Drive with instant anti-reverse, dual rotating swing-arm pickup pin, and comes pre-spooled with Berkley® Trilene® XL line This reel comes in various sizes to cover all your applications. This whole series of reels is available in right and left handed models.

Spinning Reels

Abu Garcia reels are offered in 8 different spinning series and they have really covered all the bases with these reels. From the beginner to the seasoned pro, there is a spinning reel in this line that will make you smile.

The new Cardinal® 100 Abu Garcia reel series comes in 5 different sizes and meets most fishing situations. Five bearings give these reels the feel of more expensive models, while the oversized line roller virtually eliminates twisting. This reel offers outstanding versatility, dependability, and value. Priced at $35 for most sizes to $40 for the biggest one, there are a great value reel.

The Cardinal® 170SW Abu Garcia reel delivers on quality at an affordable price as well. Offered in 5 sizes, all are built with stainless-steel components and are matched with 4 high-performance corrosion-resistant bearings. Although this reel is designed for mainly saltwater use, it is still a great option for all applications. Priced at $50 to $60 these reels make them a great value.

The Cardinal® 300 series Abu Garcia reels feature a 7 bearing drive system and instant anti-reverse with a double drilled spool for reduced weight. This is a smooth, hassle-free spinning reel that offers excellent performance. Priced at $40 and offered in 4 sizes, this is a highly recommend reel series for the budget minded fisherman.

New this year is the Cardinal® 500ALBi Abu Garcia reel series. This is a performance based spinning reel designed for durability and long life. It was designed with a Ten Ball Bearing Drive and Instant Anti-Reverse for long life performance and instant hook sets. Built with X-Craftic™ aluminum alloy that provides maximum corrosion resistance even in the harshest conditions. It has a smooth and consistent multi-disc drag system that can easily handle those hard running fish. Great for both salt and freshwater angling. Priced at $70 to $80, this is a nice step up for the serious fisherman.

The Cardinal® 600ALB spinning reel series is designed to take the harshest punishment and angler or fish can hand out. With all aluminum construction, the lightweight reel is built with corrosion resistant components such as High Performance Corrosion Resistant (HPCR™) stainless steel bearings, main shaft and hardware. Also built with X-Craftic™ aluminum alloy provides maximum corrosion resistance even in the harshest conditions. The Carbon Matrix™ front adjustable drag remains smooth and holds up to hard runs from the biggest of game fish. Priced at $80 to $90 and offered in 5 sizes, this is a great reel for all conditions.

The top end model in the Abu Garcia reel Cardinal series is the 700LX these reels are tough and extremely durable spinning reels designed for all applications. These reels are built with X-Craftic aluminum alloy providing maximum corrosion resistance even in the harshest conditions. The aluminum frame, side plate and rotor are overbuilt for maximum performance. The line roller is oversized for reliable line spooling and enhanced durability. High Performance Corrosion Resistant (HPCR™) stainless steel bearings and stainless steel components require only the basics of rinsing maintenance. The Carbon Matrix Drag™ is waterproof and won't overheat and fail in the midst of battle. With sizes to tackle all applications, the Cardinal® 700LX Series are the spinning reels that take on the load of a bait caster. Priced at $110 to $120, these are the Cadillac of this series.

Also new this year is the SORON STX series of spinning reels with eleven HPCR® (High Precision Corrosion Resistant) bearings providing outstanding smoothness during casts and retrieves. Duragear™ gears made of heavy-duty and corrosion resistant brass that add to the reel's durability and long life. The body, body cover, rotor, and bail arm are built with X-Craftic™ corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy to be super light, extremely durable, and corrosion resistant even in the toughest saltwater conditions. With the Carbon Matrix™ drag system, the angler feels a solid and smooth line drag, not the erratic pull of line felt on most other drag systems. The SORÖN STX reels also include Abu Garcia’s exclusive SuperLine Spool System which eliminates the need to tape the line to the spool, and completely eliminates the slipping problem of superlines. Priced at $130 to $150 this is one tough reel built for the very serious fisherman.

Bait Casting Reels

Bait casting Abu Garcia reels are offered in low profile models and the classic round models. In the low profile model line is the Revo and the Max. In the classic round series there is the Ambassadeur and the new BCX. There is a reel for every one and every application in these lines.

Low Profile

The Abu Garcia reel Revo® S series reels feature nine HPCR® (High Precision Corrosion Resistant) bearings for extra smoothness during casting or retrieving, a one-piece X-Craftic® aluminum alloy frame and crank side cover for unsurpassed corrosion resistance. The Carrbon Matrix™ drag system which generates up to 24 lbs. of drag along with the precision machined Duragear™ brass gears and oversized main gear add extra fish fighting torque. The six-pin centrifugal brakes add extra control over your spool. Available in right or left models and priced at $130, these are really great reels.

The Revo SX and STX are made of X-Cräftic™ aluminum alloy. This material is more durable and lighter than regular aluminum and very corrosion resistant. Eleven High Performance Corrosion Resistant (HPCR®) bearings provide the smooth casting with added distance. All SX reels weigh just 8.7 ounces and the STX models weigh 8.75 ounces. Both the SX and STX reels hold 140 yards of 12-pound test mono. The SX and STX series are available in two speeds, a 6.4:1 version, or a 7.1:1model and are now available in both right and left-hand models. The high speed 7.1:1 SX and STX reels will sure help anglers with their pitching and flipping presentations as well as burning baits over grass. The Swedish engineered Revo also features Linear Magnetic™ brakes, Duragear™ brass gears and synchronized level wind. The STX models include an Infini II™ Spool design for the smoothest of operations, titanium nitride worm shaft and Everslik™ coated pinion shaft and pawl. These are some the best low profile reels on the market. Priced at $170 for the SX and $200 for the STX, they are not cheap but a reel like this should last a life time with the right care and maintenance.

New for this year is the Revo® Toro™. The Toro takes the sleek and comfortable design of the low profile Revo reel and adds the high-capacity spool size normally only found on the classic round reels. This combination allows you to fight and turn a hard-driving and long-running fish right from the hook set. Available in two sizes, the Model 50 has a line capacity of 200 yards of 14-pound monofilament fishing line. The larger Model 60 will hold 250 yards of 14-pound line. The low profile frame and side plate of the Toro is made of X-Cräftic™ aluminum alloy. The seven High Performance Corrosion Resistant (HPCR®) bearings and Duragear™ brass gears add to the reel’s durability and long life. With 22-pounds of maximum drag and the Carbon Matrix™ Drag System you will be able to handle any fish. Both the 10.3-ounce Model 50 and 10.8-ounce Model 60 Toro reels offer a high-speed 6.4:1 gear ratio version (50-HS and 60-HS) and a cranking speed 5.4:1 reel. The Swedish engineered Revo Toro also features an Infini II™ Spool design for the smoothest of operations, six-pin centrifugal break, synchronized level wind, line alarm and is packaged with both an Extended Throw and a Paddle Handle. Priced at $270 to $280, these are not for the budget fisherman. Like all high end reels, they should last you a life time.

Classic Round Reels

New this year is the BCX series Abu Garcia reels. These reels have four stainless steel ball bearings for smooth performance, and a Corrotech treated Instant Anti-Reverse for longlasting durability. The BCX reels feature an Anti-Distortion Spool™ (ADS) that wont torque under a heavy load with the 5.3:1 gear ratio designed for tough fishing conditions. Priced at $60 to $65, this is a great entry level classic round reel.

The Ambassadeur C3 offers a smooth casting action. Built with two stainless steel ball bearings you can fish with confidence knowing you have a stainless steel roller bearing to deliver the solid hook setting power of Instant anti-reverse. Available in right and left hand retrieves. They come standard with a six pin centrifugal brake, chemical nickel coated level wind system, and the new Carbon Matrix Drag™ System. Priced at $85 to $95 this is a great classic option for you next bait casting reel.

The Ambassadeur® C4 is a super smooth high speed reel with four stainless steel bearings. With a 6.3:1 gear ratio, it is perfect when you require a faster retrieve. This series offers the instant anti-reverse and non-slip spool. This reel also features a six pin centrifugal brake, Carbon Matrix Drag™ system, and chemical nickel coated level wind system. Priced at $100 to $110 this reel is a nice small step up from the C3.

As you can tell, Abu Garcia really has covered any and all needs and wants with there line up for this year. Maybe not the lowest priced reels available but they offer a super tough reel that will last a long time. Remember the old saying, “You get what you pay for”.

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