The Albright Knot

The Albright Knot is great for all types of fishing. This knot is used mainly to connect a leader of smaller diameter line to a larger main line. It is important that you do not exceed a 2 to 1 ratio on line size when tying this knot. (10 pound leader tied to 20 pound main line).

This is a very strong knot but is a bit bulky if you reel the knot to far up the rod or all the way into your reel. It has a tendency to snag on the way out as you cast it. To be most effective, reel the knot up to the eye of the rod tip.

How to tie the Albright

1. Form an open ended loop in the line. Pass the leader end through the loop and make one complete turn around the main line.

2. Wind the tag end of the leader line around itself and the main line loop. Make roughly 10-12 winds. Make sure that you keep them in place with your free hand. Pass the leader end back through the loop so that it comes out on the same side it went in on.

3. Slide the coils of the wrapped leader line together and toward the end of the main loop. Stop about 1/8" from end and make sure that leader doesn’t slide off the end of the main line before you tighten it up.

4. Pull the tag end of the leader and hold both strands of the main line in your free hand. With your free hand still holding both ends of the main line, pull on standing end of the leader. Pull the both ends to tighten.

5. Trim the tag ends off.

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