The Arbor knot

The Arbor knot is very easy to learn and may be the most important link between your reel and the line. This knot is used to attach your line to the spool of your reel.

This knot is simple to tie and the easiest ways to attach your line to the reel spool. I certainly recommend that you take the time to learn this knot! It would be a sad day if that trophy of a life time pulled your line completely off of your spool and you had a bad knot or worse yet no knot at all holding the end in place.

How to tie the Arbor

1. Wrap the tag eng of your line around your reel spool.

2. Tie an overhand knot in the tag end. This will keep the end from pulling through the main knot.

3. Tie another overhand knot with the line around the spool.

4. Wet the main knot and pull it down tight onto the spool. Make sure the first overhand knot pulls in tight to this main knot.

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