Browning Reel Line Up

Browning Reels, yes Browning the company famous for hunting and outdoors guns and gear offers fishing reels. They are a solid company that gives you a great product at a great price. Although this reel line up is not as extensive as some other companies, they do offer an excellent value and the kind of quality that we have grown to expect from this company.

Spinning Reels

There are 2 spinning reels offered in this reel line up. They are offered in 3 different sizes to match most of your angling needs.

The Citori comes in 3 different sizes and meets most fishing situations. Eight bearings give these reels the feel of more expensive models. The frame and rotor are completely aluminum while the spool boasts machined aluminum with a double anodized lip. The line roller has a titanium nitride coating that is hassle free and can handle the most severe fishing conditions. The bail is made of stainless steel and will hold its shape for years to come. With a gear ratio of 5.1:1, this Browning reel screams quality.

The Midas delivers on quality at a very affordable price as well. Offered in 3 sizes to match your needs. This reel has 10 bearings and is super smooth and built tough as they come. With the same great features as the Citori but the added bearings makes this a top of the line reel. This is a quality reel that should be considered by any serious minded angler.

Bait Casting Reels

The Browning line up for bait casting reels features the same great quality as the spinning reels. They are offered in low profile models and are built for years of trouble free fishing pleasure. In the low profile model line is the Citori and the Midas just as in the spinning line up. The bait casters are also offered in a couple different sizes and gear ratios to handle all your needs.

Low Profile

The Citori reels feature eight bearings for extra smoothness during casting or retrieving. These are available in four sizes and 3 different ratios. From the standard 6.4:1 ratio, the 5.4:1 super powerful ratio to the 7.1:1 super fast ratio, these reels have it all covered. The tough 1 piece aluminum frame and the machined aluminum drilled spool along with the Browning reel standard super smooth drag system; this is one of the great reels available today. Extra tough and built to last, give this one a try!

The Midas is a step up from the great Citori and features a ten bearing system that in my opinion is on the best on the market. This Browning reel also has an advanced fail safe dual braking system that uses centrifugal and magnetic for the smoothest casting control available. The Midas is offered with two gear ratios, the standard 6.4:1 and the super fast 7.1:1. These reels are not only a great value but with care, should last any angler a lifetime.

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