The Clinch Knot

The Clinch knot is a good method to use when attaching your line to a hook, lure, or swivel. I do not recommend using this knot if you are using line that is larger then 12 pound test.

This knot is considered to be the fisherman's old reliable standby. It is a very strong knot that holds very well with smaller diameter line.

How to tie the Clinch

1. Bring the free end of the line up through the eye of the hook. Give yourself about a foot of free line on top to work with.

2. Take the free end back, behind and then under the straight line.

3. Bring the free end back over the top to form a full loop. Keep loops fairly loose at this point.

4. Continue looping the free end around the straight line in the same direction. Form about four loops.

5. With the free end coming from the bottom of a turn, pass it between the eye and the first loop.

6. Slowly pull out all slack. Then pull tightly and trim off the end.

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