Daiwa Reels

Daiwa reels offer up one of the most complete lines of fishing reels available on the market. They continue to improve on even the most time tested equipment. Daiwa also continues to add to their line up on a yearly basis.

I have been impressed by Daiwa reels for some time now. The company has been around forever and they really stand behind their products. I broke a gear inside one of my bait casters one time and they sent me a new one, no questions asked. Very Impressive!

Spincast Reels

Daiwa reels offer 4 different models in the spin cast line up. The Underspin, the Minicast, the Silvercast and the Goldcast. All of these reels are built tough to handle most fishing situations.

The Underspin combines the balance of a spinning reel with the easy casting of a spincast reel, these reels work great with almost any rod you attach them to.

The Underspin features:

A smooth ball bearing drive system.
Daiwa classic Hardbodyz rigid aluminum alloy construction.
Rugged metal gears.
Rotating, titanium nitrided line pickup that turns with the line for less line wear and easy casting.
Oversized line aperture for the best casting performance.
A smooth drag with easy rear adjustment.
A soft touch handle knob.
Easy and quickly converts to right or left handed retrieve.

The Minicast is a great ultralight casting reel. Small but still strong enough to handle your fishing conditions. This is one great Daiwa Reel.

The Mincast features:

An all aluminum alloy body and nose cone.
A smooth disk drag.
And easy push button casting.

The Silvercast is available in a variety of sizes to suit all your specific fishing needs. This reel is a great starter reel for any fisherman. It is a super strong and reliable Daiwa reel at a great price.

The Silvercast Features:

The Hardbodyz Rigid Aluminum Alloy Construction.
Three ball bearings.
The rotating, Titanium Nitrided line pickup turns with the line for less wear and easier casting.
Oversized line aperture for optimum performance.
And a smooth disc drag with dial adjustment.

The Goldcast is Daiwa reels finest, professional-grade spin casting reel. This is the top of the of spin casting reels.

The Goldcast Features:

Ball bearing drive.
Rotating tungsten carbide line pickup.
Rugged metal body, gearing and nose cone.
Fast 4.1 to 1 available in right or left handed retrieve.
Oscillating spool level wind system.
Optimized line aperture for maximum casting ease and distance.

Spinning Reels

WOW! What a line up of spinning reels. There are 15 different models available from Daiwa reels to handle every situation that any fish could ever hand out. From the SS Tournament Series to the Steez, there is a reel for every fisherman and every budget.

The SS Tournament series has really become the old stand by for many anglers. This reel is the winner of 2 BassMaster Classics and with these great features it is easy to see why!

The SS Tournament series Features:

Lifetime Bail Spring.
Precision worm gear levelwind to evenly cross wrap line on spool.
Ultra-reliable roller bail trip mechanism.
Cut-proof Silicon Carbide line roller.
Long Cast machined aluminum spool.
3 stainless steel ball bearings.
Super-smooth drag, with oversized felt and stainless discs and precision click adjustment.

The Sweepfire series is an excellent choice for the budget minded fisherman that demands quality for their money. With a bunch of great features and an excellent price point makes it a winner for the budget conscious. Daiwa reels really stepped up to the plate with this offering!

The Sweepfire Features:

Digigear digital gear design.
Advanced Locomotive Levelwind for even line winding.
Smooth ball bearing drive.
Twistbuster line twist reduction.
One-touch folding handle.
ABS aluminum spool and the Gyro Spin balanced rotor.

Another value-packed spinning reel is the Crossfire. It offers a high level of fishing performance without the big price tag. This is what Daiwa Reels are all about.

The Crossfire Features:

Digigear digital gear design.
Advanced Locomotive Levelwind for even line winding.
Three ball bearings and a roller bearing.
Infinite Anti-Reverse that eliminates handle back play for solid hooksets.
Twistbuster line twist reduction.
Chrome plated one-touch folding handle.
ABS Aluminum Spool.
Free spare composite ABS spool.
Gyro Spin balanced rotor.

The Regal series of Daiwa reels offer 10 ball bearings and advanced features at an unbeatable price. Everything from the Digigear digital gear system, to the chrome-plated one-touch folding handle has been designed for optimum performance, durability and angler convenience.

The Regal Features:

Free spare ABS aluminum spool.
Ten ball bearings, plus one roller bearing.
Infinite Anti-Reverse that eliminates handle back play for solid hooksets.
Twistbuster line twist reduction.
Chrome-plated one-touch folding handle.

The Exceler features the DigiGear digital gear design. It is super smooth and super powerful. You can almost feel the quality. Even though this is an excellent built Daiwa reel with many advanced features it still has a very affordable price and it is an exceptional value.

The Exceler Features:

HardBodyz computer die cast aluminum alloy body.
DigiGear digital gear design.
Seven bearing system including CRBB corrosion resistant bearings at all key locations.
Machined aluminum ABS spool.
Machined aluminum handle with Soft Touch knob.

The Tierra features the Digigear system and a rigid aluminum body. It is smooth yet powerful. The smoothness comes from the waterproof drag, Air Bail and CRBB anti-corrosion bearings. This is an excellent performer from Daiwa Reels for any fishing situation.

The Tierra Features:

Eight ball and roller bearings including corrosion-fighting CRBB bearings.
HardBodyz aluminum body.
ABS Aluminum spool.
Super strong tubular stainless Air Bail.
Digigear digital gear design for an ultra smooth, ultra-powerful retrieve.
Washable design with a sealed, waterproof drag system.
Twist Buster line twist reduction.
Infinite Anti-Reverse.
Gyro Spin balanced.
Free spare aluminum spool.

The Team Daiwa Advantage reels have a winning combination of strength, durability and ultra-smooth performance. Six ball bearings including anti-corrosion CRBB bearings, plus rugged computer die-cast aluminum construction make these reels ideal for all applications. The Long Cast X-Treme ABS System will let you reach distant hot-spots with the lightest baits and lures. You can always count on the super consistent sealed drag to provide reliable fish-stopping power.

The Team Daiwa Advantage Features:

Six ball bearing system including two CRBB corrosion resistant bearings and a roller bearing.
Lightweight, rugged computer die-cast aluminum alloy body & cover.
ABS Machined Aluminum Spool.
Digigear digital gear design for speed, power and durability.
Washable design with sealed, water-proof drag system.
Air Bail tubular stainless bail that is strong yet light.
Lifetime Bail Spring.
Titanium Nitrided ball bearing line roller.
Twist Buster II line twist reduction system.
Infinite Anti-Reverse.
Free spare ABS aluminum spool.

New this year is the advanced, smooth and reliable, Team Daiwa Fuego. These Daiwa reels are designed to provide a higher level of overall performance. They are also exceptionally light thanks to the exclusive “Zaion” construction. While this new super carbon material feels as light as Magnesium. It offers unparalleled strength and corrosion resistance. Up to seven ball bearings, including corrosion-resistant CRBB bearings, plus a super-smooth waterproof drag, ensure unmatched smoothness and reliability for all conditions.

The Fuego Features:

Lightweight yet super strong “Zaion” body, rotor and sideplate construction.
Up to seven ball bearings including four CRBB corrosion resistant ball bearings plus roller bearing.
Advanced Locomotive Levelwind.
ABS machined aluminum spool.
Free aluminum spare spool.

The Team Daiwa SOL is one great reel. This is a bait casting reel in the body of a spinning reel. Offered in two popular sizes to cover all applications.

The Team Daiwa Sol Features:

Digigear digital gear design for ultra-smooth, powerful retrieve.
Daiwa CRBB super corrosion resistant ball bearings.
Seven bearing drive system.
Washable design with sealed drag system.
Super strong tubular stainless Air Bail.
ABS machined aluminum spool.
Aluminum body and side cover.
Titanium Nitrided, ball bearing line roller.
Infinite Anti-Reverse.
Twist Buster II line twist reduction.
Gyro Spin balanced.
Includes machined aluminum spare spool.

The Certate may be the world’s most technologically advanced spinning reel. One turn of the handle and you will find the movement is effortless and fluid. It has the distinctive feel of precision. Every part of every mechanism has been designed to reduce unnecessary friction and vibration, smoothly and efficiently transmitting mechanical energy.

The Certate Features:

Daiwa CRBB Super Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearings.
Precision, gear-driven levelwind lays line evenly in a cross wrapped pattern to prevent line dig-in under pressure.
Snag-free line pickup–Because of the Air Bail’s smooth, protrusion-free design.
ABS aluminum spool with cut-proof, Titanium Nitrided lip.
Twist Buster line twist reduction.
Digigear digital gear design ensures a perfect mesh for optimized speed, power and durability.
Air Bail is super strong yet light in weight.
Silent oscillation. Levelwind gear and drive are fully dampened to prevent unnecessary noise and vibration.
Ten ball and roller bearing system fully supports the drive train.
Precision, computer die cast aluminum alloy body, body cover and rotor. Compact, lightweight and ultra-strong.
Washable design. Sealed drag stays dry while water drains easily from other areas of the reel.

The Steez is the lightest spinning reel of its kind. Built with advanced technology, materials and treatments that clearly set them aside from the rest. This is the top of the line spinning reel from the Daiwa reel line up. This is one amazing reel!!

The Steez Features:

Starting at just 6.9 ounces, they are the lightest reels of their kind.
“Air Metal” Magnesium body, side-cover and rotor.
“Air Spool” ultra-lightweight composite with reverse-taper ABS design.
Digigear digital gear design.
11 CRBB Super Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearings plus roller bearing.
Tubular Stainless Air Bail.
Infinite Anti-Reverse.
Advanced Locomotive Levelwind.
Washable design with sealed, waterproof drag system.
Precision, super micro-pitch drag adjustment.
Pillar-type tight oscillation system,ultra-quiet and smooth.
Precision, stainless main shaft.

Bait Casting Reels

Daiwa bait casting reels are offered in both the low profile and the classic round styles. Both of these Daiwa reel styles have a place in every fishing arsinal and with one of the most complete line ups available Daiwa has you covered!

Low Profile

The Strikeforce Series reels are on target when it comes to value, durability and performance. Sleek, low-profile baitcasters with advanced casting and fish-fighting features—at a price any fisherman can afford. Available in 6.3:1 and a new high speed 7.1:1 gear ratio.

The Strikeforce Features:

Six ball bearings, plus roller bearing.
Lightweight, free-floating drilled aluminum spool.
Durable graphite composite frame and side plate.
Machine cast control cap.
Rugged six-point drive train.
Magforce magnetic anti-backlash control.
Infinite Anti-Reverse.

The Exceler series are no ordinary reels. These Daiwa reels excel and go far beyond the call of duty. And while they're offered at a price the average angler can afford, there's nothing "average" about them. These stand-outs deliver a level of smoothness, power and performance that's unmatched by any other reels in their class. It comes in both a 6.3:1 and the high speed 7.1:1 gear ratio.

The Exceler Features:

Rigid, one-piece aluminum frame.
Lightweight, free-floating drilled aluminum spool.
Magforce-Z automatic magnetic anti-backlash.
Eight ball bearings, plus roller bearing.
Swept handle and star drag design.
Rugged six-point drive train.
Machine cast control cap.
Infinite Anti-Reverse.
Soft Touch grips.

The Megaforce offers a host of advanced fishing features, including Daiwa reels revolutionary Twitchin' Bar at a price that will suit any angler's budget. A simple touch of the thumb lets you pick up seven inches of slack line instantly or impart a subtle twitching action to a jig or plastic worm. When the fish are more active and a fast presentation is the way to go, the Megaforce puts a blazing fast 7.1:1 retrieve at your fingertips.

The Megaforce with Twitchin’ Bar Features:

Twitchin' Bar feature for ultimate finesse fishing and slack line retrieval.
Lightweight, free-floating drilled aluminum spool.
Five ball bearings, plus two roller bearing.
Ultra-fast 7.1:1 gear ratio.
Rugged six-point drive train.
Magforce magnetic anti-backlash control.
Infinite Anti-Reverse.
Soft Touch grips.

The Team Daiwa series offers all the performance and reliability you’d expect from a tournament grade bait casting reel. But with one added feature you’ve never seen the likes of before. There are 5 Daiwa reels in this series to give you all the choices you would ever need in picking a reel to fit your style and budget.

The Team Daiwa Series Features:

Free-Floating Spool.
Stainless steel ball bearings, plus roller bearings.
Magforce magnetic anti-backlash control.
Infinite Anti-Reverse.
Lightweight perforated aluminum spool.
Precision machined high-strength alloy gears.
Rigid one-piece aluminum frame and side plate.
Micro-click, precision drag adjustment.
Massive, seven-disc stainless and fiber composite drag system.
Titanium Nitrided line guide aperture that is ultra smooth and cut proof.

New for this year Daiwa reels is offering up a limited number of Special Edition 50th Anniversary TD Zillion bait casting reels. These gleaming red beauties are like no other reels. Each model boasts eleven anti-corrosion CRBB ball bearings, plus a host of advanced casting and fish-fighting features. The reels are available in a super fast 7.1:1 or a high power 4.9:1 gear ratio.

The Zillion Special Edition Features:

Hyper-speed 7.3:1 or high power 4.9:1 gear ratio.
Eleven corrosion-resistant CRBB ball bearings, plus roller bearing.
Special “50th Anniversary” markings laser engraved on spool.
Limited Edition serial number engraved on the thumb bar.
Free-floating perforated aluminum spool that starts faster, spins longer.
Swept Handle for less wobble, better feel and maximum winding leverage.
Fast spool changes.
Magforce-Z automatic anti-backlash system.
Rigid aluminum frame and handle-side sideplate firmly support the drive train.
Aluminum guard plate protects finish on top of reel.
Soft Touch grips.

The Steez is the world’s Lightest Baitcasting reel. At just 5.5 ounces, they are the lightest reels of their kind. Combining ultra-precision components of Magnesium and Titanium, this reel brings uncompromised quality and performance.

The Steez Features:

At just 5.5 ounces, they are the lightest reels of their kind.
Magnesium frame and handle-side side plate.
Swept handle for less wobble, better feel and maximum winding leverage.
Tough, A7075 tempered aluminum drive gear and phosphor bronze pinion.
11 precision ball bearings, plus roller bearing.
Free-Floating A7075 aluminum alloy spool starts faster, spins longer.
Fast spool change.
Magforce-V automatic magnetic spool brake.
Eight-disc wet drag with precision click adjustment.
Precision-click free-spool adjustment.
Infinite Anti-Reverse.

Classic Round Reels

With the Team Daiwa Luna you can feel the heft and the solid feel of precision. Make a cast, it is absolutely awesome! These are Daiwa reels finest traditional shaped bait casting reels, built for those heavy cover and open water top of the food chain fish that demand heavier line and heavier muscle.

The Team Daiwa Luna Features:

Frame and sideplates machined from solid bar stock aluminum.
Five CRBB Super Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearings, plus roller bearing.
Free-Floating Spool for maximum casting performance.
Magforce-Z automatic magnetic anti-backlash control.
Ultra-smooth, multi-disc drag with Daiwa’s exclusive fiber composite and stainless washers.
Infinite Anti-Reverse.
Dura-Loc pinion for solid gear engagement.
Rugged, six-point drive train support.
Machined aircraft aluminum spool.
Cut proof Titanium Nitrided stainless steel line guide.
Hard anodized to resist corrosion.

The Millionaire series boasts the classic look and shape you have come to expect from Daiwa reels. The quality construction and a wealth of cutting edge features at a price that won’t break the bank. Plenty of line capacity too for handling a wide range of fishing conditions.

The Millionaire Classic Series Features:

Two stainless steel ball bearings.
Infinite Anti-Reverse.
Machined aluminum spool.
Standard shoulder clutch.
High strength alloy gears.
Multi-disc wet drag.
Line clicker.

They may be small, but the Pluton reels are packed with amazing power. Don’t hesitate to spool them up with braid and take on oversized, hard-fighting game fish, the kind some anglers dare to challenge only on heavier tackle. Everything about these Daiwa reels, from the incredibly solid, yet lightweight, one-piece aluminum frame, to the super smooth, ultra-consistent multi-disc drag is built to handle the extra pressure, torque and punishment.

The Team Daiwa Pluton Features:

Available in high-speed (6.2:1) and standard-speed (5.1:1) gear ratios.
Eight corrosion-resistant CRBB ball bearings, plus roller bearing.
Lightweight, super-strong machined one-piece aluminum frame. Infinite Anti-Reverse.
Powerful drag system with oversized washers provides smooth, consistent fish-stopping performance.
Swept Handle for less wobble, better feel and maximum winding leverage.
Three-point laser engraving.

As you can see, Daiwa reels offers one of the most complete line ups. There are reels available for every situation and budget. Take a good look at this line because I have always believed that Daiwa makes one of the best products available. If you need a spin cast reel for the beginner or a solid tournament strength reel for the hard core fisherman, Daiwa has you covered!

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