Why the Drop Shot is the best technique to use when fishing gets tough...

I first learned about the Drop Shot rigged with plastic worms while watching one of my favorite Saturday morning bass fishing shows.

My first thought was, small rig equals small fish. Boy was I wrong, and let me tell you why.

I was out on a local lake fishing for practice due to an upcoming fishing tournament. It was mid summer and the bite was tough to say the least. Then it hit me. One of the bass fishing tips I had seen on TV was to try a drop shot when things get tough.

So I sat down and dug through my tackle and produced a tube jig weight and a smaller circle hook. I tied it on with a palomar knot and left roughly a foot of line on the tag end. I then tied the weight to the end of the tag and there it was.

Not having any finesse style plastic worms with me, a rigged it up with a 4" senko style worm. It sure looked good. I moved my boat back to the edge of the weed line I had been fishing and tossed it in. With-in 10 seconds, WHAM, I had a solid 3 pound largemouth!

I took a nice long look at this fine fish and slipped it back into the water and tossed the rig back to a different spot on the weed edge, WHAM, another nice fish. I decided I better move off of this spot as I did have a tournament coming up. I went across the lake to a very similar weed edge.

Not only did I continue to catch fish, but they were nice ones!!! Spot after spot the same thing happened. I had spent most of my morning hitting my best spots with out catching much at all. I switched this new technique and it was like a light switch was turned on.

Not only was I able to reproduce this great tactic during the tournament, but I have used this time and time again when the bite stops. When the crank bait or jig bite slows to a stop, I switch to my new go to tactic and always seem to pick up a couple more fish.

It is amazing, I have only used this this bass fishing tip for a couple of seasons and I am pretty new to it, but I have always had great success. I am convinced that it is one of the best ways to target tight lipped bass. Give this bass fishing technique a try with your favorite plastic worm and you too will be hooked!

Skeet Reese BASS Angler of the Year on the drop shot!!

Take a look at what Skeet has to say about this great rig. Skeet is one of the very best fishermen around and he has some great advice on this great technique!

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