The Rapala Knot

Always use the Rapala Knot when you want extra action from your hard baits. This knot allows the lure to appear much more natural. The action that the lure will produce is looser then if you use a jam style knot.

This is a great knot for stick baits and jerk baits. The little extra action that this knot allows is often time just enough to trigger that bite!

How to tie this great Knot

1. Tie an overhand knot and leave about 5 inches of line for the tag end.

2. Pull the tag end through the lure eye and run it through the overhand knot from step 1.

3. Wrap your tag end around the main line coming from your reel 3 times.

4. Run the tag end back through the overhand knot again.

5. Run the tag end through the loop made from step 4.

6. Wet the line and pull the knot tight.

7. Trim off the tag end.

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