The Texas Rig! Is it the most versatile method in your arsonal?

The Texas Rig with a juicy plastic worm or your favorite creature bait may be the most versatile method in your arsenal.

I have used this set up in many different circumstances. I have used this on weed lines, in weed patches and pockets, under docks in deep water and shallow water. This bass fishing technique works in the spring, summer, fall or winter!

I think the main reason for the success of this rig is based on the fact that it is so versatile. You can fish it fast or slow and tip it with your favorite plastic worm or creature bait.

I have normally used the standard ribbon tail worm but more recently, I have began to use more and more beaver tailed creature baits. The old standard works great but the creature bait is a nice change of pace. It is something that is not used that much and the bass are not accustomed to seeing it.

I always say, "when the fish get tight lipped, switch it up". Using a bigger and bulkier bait seems to fit the bill.

When rigging this type of bait, I like to "peg" the sinker in place. This allows you to flip or pitch it into deep and heavy cover with out having the weight slip up your line. If I want my sinker up the line, I will use a carolina rig.

There are a couple of ways to peg your wieght. You can use a toothpick to get the job done but I really like the new rubber t-shaped pegs. They are easy to use and do not damage the line.

Once you have the rig tied to your line you can go anywhere and fish most any cover. You can hop the bait, swim the bait or just slowly drag it on the bottom. You need to figure out what the fish want and try to repeat the process once you have the pattern.

As you can see, the use of this rig is almost endless. I always have one tied up and ready on the deck of my boat. When my buddy is throwing a topwater lure and he gets a fish to boil, I am ready to jump on it with the texas rig. Most of the time the follow up will catch that fish!

Watch how Scott Martin rigs his Texas Rig...

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